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Stump Removal

Mac and Son Tree Expert stumb removal  We can help! We offer stump grinding and removal services to make your life easier.


Many people think that when a tree is removed, the stump will be removed as well. Actually, they are two different services. Tree removal deal with what is above the ground while stump removal deal with what is below. Stump removal requires a different set of tools and equipment to get the job properly done.

After conducting an evaluation of the stump, its location and ensure that Ms. Utility has the correct instructions to mark for utility lines, Mac & Son Tree Experts will prepare your free estimate which will also include your wishes for the newly cleared space. Once the project is completed, we will conduct a post removal walk through to ensure your satisfaction.

Our stump service is affordable and professional. For your free estimate, please click here or call us today on (301) 322-6163.